• The world around us is changing in a way we never thought would be possible. Things we have always taken for granted are not accessible. Many of us react with anxiety – and it is absolutely ok. It’s ok not to be ok. But it is also important to remember
  • In part 1 we established the adverse impact of everyday environmental toxins on our health, and we understand how important it is to reduce our skin exposure to these harmful chemicals. Let us now take a look at a few simple tips to put this knowledge into practice. Here are
  • Skin is the body’s largest organ (liver comes second) and together with our hair and nails it makes up the integumentary system. An average adult has a skin surface area of between 1.5-2.0 square metres (16.1-21.5 sq ft.). Skin, next to liver, lungs, kidneys and bowels, is our main excretion route for
  • Migraines are recurrent attacks of throbbing, pulsating headache that may last between a few hours and 3 days. They may be preceded by visual disturbances (aura), and may be accompanied by nausea, gastrointestinal upset, photo- and phono-phobia or double vision. These headaches are very debilitating in nature and often followed
  • “The Game Changers” is a 2018 documentary promoting the benefits of a plant based diet amongst athletes and bodybuilders and generally presenting science based arguments for the veganism. It is currently available on Netflix and I have recently been getting asked a lot about it, so here are my thoughts.
  • As I have recently experienced a period of increased stress and anxiety which has negatively impacted my sleep, I decided to write a post about the importance of sleep and share with you some tips for getting a good night’s sleep. So first of all – why do we sleep? 
  • Happy and Healthy New Year 2020! Here we are at the doorstep of a new decade. What this new and exciting time will bring into our lives? What plans and resolutions do you have for the forthcoming months? If you are like me and like to start things ‘from the

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