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We will do a deep dive into your health, to build a map of the interconnected factors that make YOU – a unique and wonderful human being.

Duration : 90 MIN


This is our first main consultation where we will do a deep dive into your health, to build a map of the interconnected factors that make YOU – a unique and wonderful human being. We are all inspiringly different and we all require a special and individual approach to our wellbeing. My objective of the session, is to discover how various systems of your body work together and identify where an imbalance occurs.

Prior to this session you will be asked to complete a detailed health questionnaire (if you have already done so for the Discovery Session you will only be asked to provide details of any changes that have taken place since).  You will also be asked to provide a 4 day food diary to give me an insight into your current food choices. When we meet, we will talk more specifically about your health history, your diet, your symptoms and how you manage them, we will look at your lab test results and discuss your lifestyle and diet preferences.

After this session you will be emailed a detailed plan for the coming weeks. This may include dietary changes, lifestyle advice and suggestions of food supplements that may support you on your journey to a better, healthier version of yourself. I will make every effort to tailor the plan to your needs and preferences to give you the best chance to comply and make sustainable changes.


1 review for Main Consultation

  1. Vicky

    I can highly recommend the program and the support I have had from Gosia along the way. I have completed 3 stages: cleanse, feed and thrive. I can’t believe how much her treatment helped me. I stopped having continuously upset, bloated stomach just after a few weeks of treatment. Gradually, my energy levels have gone up, eventually I can get more pleasure in my day-to-day activities. After initial consultation, Gosia sent a letter to my GP requesting comprehensive blood test to have a full picture of my health. I am so impressed with how she efficiently assessed foods most compatible with my digestive system. My diet and food choices are much healthier now, increasing a variety of greens and good proteins along the natural organic supplements have given my body a boost that I needed. The meetings were hold in such a relaxed atmosphere, very informative giving me a great insight into how the body works. I will definitely carry on with a treatment plan. Many thanks Gosia for all!

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