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  • Free Discovery Session


    Your unique opportunity to share your health goals with me and have the first glimpse of the factors affecting your health imbalances.

    Duration : around 30 MIN

  • Main Consultation


    Online session. Promotional offer.

    We will do a deep dive into your health, to build a map of the interconnected factors that make YOU – a unique and wonderful human being.

    Duration : 90 MIN


  • Where Every Cell Matters Tailored Package

    Welcome to the opportunity of the most important journey you have ever taken – a journey to a better, healthier and happier version of yourself.

    Duration : Depends on individual needs

  • Stay In Touch Meetings


    Online session

    In case where you require a further support, you may add this additional Follow-Up session on an ongoing as-and-when required basis.

    Duration : 30-40 MIN



  • Supermarket Tour


    A guided tour of a supermarket of your choice, designed to help you make better food products choices.

    Duration : 45 MIN